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Programm Market Garden Valkenswaard 2024

This page will be updated regurarly, when new information is available. This can be activities, but also details like times and adresses. All activities will be free of charge for our guests!

flower Parade
& Culture fest.
13-15 September

After the liberation, freedom parades were held in Valkenswaard. These parades evolved into a flower parade called “Bloemencorso”.

This parade is held annually in September and has become a UNESCO Heritage site. For the past few years, a cultural festival has been organized around the parade. This festival features dance, music, art, and more.

The center of Valkenswaard transforms into one big happening. The Culture fest starts on friday the 13th of september and the parade itself is held on sunday the 15th of september.

Exposition Foundation Erfgoed 40-45
14-21 September

The foundation will organize an exhibition about the war years in the villages of Valkenswaard and Waalre.

Through photos, film, and materials, a portrayal will be provided of how the war years unfolded from the occupation to liberation.

Opening hours of the exhibition will be announced at a later date.

Concert of Choir de Volharding 14 september

In the evening of saterday the 14th of september local choir will bring a concert in the Theater the Hofnar in the center of Valkenswaard.

Liberation Task Force
14-15 September

On saterday the 14th  of september a large group of hundreds of original WW2 vehicles will enter Valkenswaard. 
The group will set up camp in town like they did 80 years ago. The centre of Valkenswaard will turn into a living museum.
In the morning of the 15th the vehicles will move on to make room for the flower parade.

Diner Party for our invited guests

Our foundation will host a diner party for the relatives of the soldiers in the war cemetery, relatives of veterans and V.I.P.’s.

The evening will be in English and will feature food, drinks and live entertainment.

Annual remembrence at the Valkenswaard War Cemetery
17 September

In the morning of the 17th people will gather at the Café-Restaurant “De Familie Suyckerbuyck”. From here they will do a silent march towards the military cemetery where a remembrence servisce will be held around 11 o’clock.


Liberation Concert 17 september

In the evening of the 17th of September, there will be a concert in the market square of Valkenswaard.
The concert will be played by the combined forces of the local marching bands and will be themed around the liberation.


See you there!

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