Erfgoed 40-45, gemeenten Valkenswaard en Waalre is a foundation which puts its efforts in preserving and educating the history of World War II in the vicinity of† Valkenswaard and Waalre, the Netherlands.

The research area includes the Dutch villages Valkenswaard, Dommelen, Borkel, Schaft, Aalst and Waalre. Also surrounding areas are being studied by us. We managed to collect stories, pictures, films and objects about this subject and we use these in publications, expositions and answering questions. We also maintain contact with several relatives of veterans which fought, flew and sometimes gave their lives in these villages.

If you have any information of objects which could be of interest for our cause, please donít hesitate to make contact.

Because it is hard to keep our website up to date we want to point you to our facebook pages:


Erfgoed 40-45

Valkenswaard War Cemetery


Correspondentie adres:

Stichting Erfgoed 40-45

Emmastraat 27B

5583 BL Waalre


KVK: 548 369 48








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