Floor Willemse                                                     



Floor is responsible for public relations and the organisation of events.

Raimondo Bogaars                                             

Secretary / Chairman VWCAP


Raimondo is a co-founder of the foundation. He specializes in researching ww2 related topics. His largest interest is in everything casualty or Valkenswaard war cemetery related.

Bas Hendriks                                                       



Besides being the treasurer, Bas helps out in organising and excecuting events.

Bjorn Bogaars                                                      



Bjorn is a helping hand during events. By film and photography he helps documenting events.

Arno Smits                                                            

Workgroup VWCAP


Arno helps out during events. His main interest is photography.

Marcel Boven                                                       

Workgroup VWCAP


Marcel has a big interest in research war casualties. He has a big interest in Arnhem during WW2.